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Seasons Greetings


2006 is round the corner. Its been a great 2005 for me personally and hope 2006 is even better.

Here is wishing you all a great and happy new year.

And the passing 2005 burnt a big hole in my pocket while i acquired an IBM ThinkPad R52 laptop and a Motorola L6 cellphone. More about this later.

Pak Eng ODI -3

If you want to watch some clean hitting, dont miss the highlights of the Pakistan England match. They went from 200-300 in 53 balls. Abdul Razaak would have broken the record for the fastest fifty if not for some fantastic bowling from Flintoff.

All rounder?

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India SriLanka - Second Test Dec 10-14,2005 Scorecard

So how many overs did the newly inducted batting-allrounder bowl in the second test! Or far that matter, how much run did he score?

Kiran More saying "If we can't win against Zimbabwe, Bangladesh we don't stand anywhere. He's had his opportunity and (we) respect what he has done, but we are looking to the future." overnight and the next day selecting Ganguly as a "batting allrounder" ahead of Zaheer Khan does not happen without a few strings being pulled.

Finally the funny turn of events.

I hate politics, especially in cricket.

Shoot 'em down

louiswuOk, here is the picture which louisuw talked about. And a few more of them up on my flickr page.

Pravin Godkhindi - Live!


As part of Hanuman Jayanti celebrations, the Ragiguda Temple is having cultural shows every evening from about 5:30 pm for a week. Yesterday was a Carnatic vocal show by Dr.Supriya and party. Tomorrow, Pravin Godkhindi has a Jugal Bandi starting at 19:30. I love both the Ragini collections and the Raag-Rang albums by him. Will be around for the show. If anyone else is coming, please let me know.



I am completely frustrated with myself. Reminds me of a Remo's song titled Revolution.

Every morning I make a resolution
Every evening I make a revolution

Btw, does anyone have a mp3 of this song?


What one heck of a week it was. Due to work schedules clashing with FOSS.IN, I almost missed out the conference. But I was able to get out of office early on Thursday and Friday and was able to catch up with people at the event. On Thursday evening, Laya Taranga gave a stellar performance. Especially, the Thani Avarthanam and Konnakol was exhilarating. Friday evening was spent at the Expo hanging around with a lot of folks, Listening to Phenom and Phriends and experimenting some photos along with Karunakar.

Saturday was the year end party and was spent head banging on the dance floor. Ouch, my neck hurts.

Tried cooking at my house for the first time. Made pulav (easy heh?) and raitha. Had invited Sriram, Venkatesh and Venky for lunch. They seemed to have enjoyed it.

Beware of nerdy!

Apart from spamming you, he will have his cousins spam you.

he: hi
he: who is this?how come you in my msn buddies?
me: i have no idea
me: i got a request from you for getting added 
he: where are u from?
me: and i was wondering the same thing 
me: balaji 
he: I am from Dubai 
me: coimbatore
me: nope, no chance 
he: u know anybody in Bangalore? 
he: I am native of Bangalore
me: i live in bangalore
me: whats your name? 
he: or have you travelled last week  Mumbai to Bangalore by train 
he: Nagaraj
me: nope
me: related to linux?
me: or anywhere on linux mailing lists?
he: yes
he: you know by nake Vikrant aivalli
me: nake? 
he: name
he: name
me: ok?
me: yes. what? 
me: i know him
he: ok,he is my cousin. mostly he did this job
he: he is using linux
me: so?
he: how u know him?
me: he added you to me?
me: what the heck
he: i will ask him,? in detail
me: ok! coolness
me: :-))
he: its ok,thanks for your kind info
me: np 
he: bye for now

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