All rounder?

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India SriLanka - Second Test Dec 10-14,2005 Scorecard

So how many overs did the newly inducted batting-allrounder bowl in the second test! Or far that matter, how much run did he score?

Kiran More saying "If we can't win against Zimbabwe, Bangladesh we don't stand anywhere. He's had his opportunity and (we) respect what he has done, but we are looking to the future." overnight and the next day selecting Ganguly as a "batting allrounder" ahead of Zaheer Khan does not happen without a few strings being pulled.

Finally the funny turn of events.

I hate politics, especially in cricket.

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See ganguly is no use for the team a player who cannot even play in the ranji against zaheer is of no use and also a coach like expat gerg only can list out problems with ganguly without fear in case if any indian coach was there they cannot say that out

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