Seasons Greetings


2006 is round the corner. Its been a great 2005 for me personally and hope 2006 is even better.

Here is wishing you all a great and happy new year.

And the passing 2005 burnt a big hole in my pocket while i acquired an IBM ThinkPad R52 laptop and a Motorola L6 cellphone. More about this later.


Nice blog Balaji..first time here. Happy 2006 ! How is the IBM Laptop - if you have any reviews (done by urself or others) lmk as I am thinking...

l8r !

(yes, we know each other from irtt)

so far so good. i have been working on getting ubuntu running on the box and all required packages for my use.

once i am done with the setup i will _try_ to write a review in my copious free time.

/me feels this laptop is a decent buy in the price range.

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