Beware of nerdy!

Apart from spamming you, he will have his cousins spam you.

he: hi
he: who is this?how come you in my msn buddies?
me: i have no idea
me: i got a request from you for getting added 
he: where are u from?
me: and i was wondering the same thing 
me: balaji 
he: I am from Dubai 
me: coimbatore
me: nope, no chance 
he: u know anybody in Bangalore? 
he: I am native of Bangalore
me: i live in bangalore
me: whats your name? 
he: or have you travelled last week  Mumbai to Bangalore by train 
he: Nagaraj
me: nope
me: related to linux?
me: or anywhere on linux mailing lists?
he: yes
he: you know by nake Vikrant aivalli
me: nake? 
he: name
he: name
me: ok?
me: yes. what? 
me: i know him
he: ok,he is my cousin. mostly he did this job
he: he is using linux
me: so?
he: how u know him?
me: he added you to me?
me: what the heck
he: i will ask him,? in detail
me: ok! coolness
me: :-))
he: its ok,thanks for your kind info
me: np 
he: bye for now

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