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I got this comment today on my MT blog.

IP Address:
Name: penis enlargement
Email Address:
My boyfriend has tried them and he's a new person since than.The confidence..., the courage!

Hmmm.. These guys dont even spare blogs. Time to look at MT Blacklist plugin.


I will be in sync with the rest of the world around me from tomorrow (atleast for some time). Its been a long month.

Rant of the day

Seems i wont get a sleep if i dont rant these days. So here is the Rant of the day.

When i try to scp from a AIX box to a linux, i get this error.

scp blah:/blah blah
ksh: scp: not found.

scp is installed in /usr/local, its in the path. Googled and discovered that many have faced this error and the solution is to link from the /usr/bin. Unfortunately, i am not root and this cant but done. Thankfully, sftp works!

lj-crosspost plugin

I have been a happy user of the lj-crosspost plugin for quite some time. Lately its been behaving erratic. I am not sure, though nothing has been changed on the MT side. Chip has already posted an entry about the wishlist for the next version. Till then i am planning to write a script to sync these entries on a periodic basis via cron.

Any pointers?


Ok, i wanted to post a detailed one but its getting late and better do it now than never.

Over the last couple of weeks or so, I have met a whole lot of people from LJ. Its been a fantastic experience meeting them. Nice meeting you all and it has been fun. I have been having a great time, especially the last couple of weekends.

Dhempe, a special thanks to you. It all started with you calling me the other day to Garam Masala.

LJ Friends Page

Got this just now. Mostly due to badly formatted html from jwz's post

Hutch and their server upgrade

My Hutch phone has been out of network for the past fifteen minutes. Managed to get the Hutch helpline on my landline. When i asked them "My phone is out of n/w. Is there an issue". They respond "Sir! We are upgrading our servers in Bangalore. Everything will be working in the next 2-3 hours!"

Wtf? In this age, how can one afford a down time of three hours. And that too, planned. Do they have a clue about high availability?

Mobile Phones and people

I don't mind people forgetting the rest of the world while on phone. But doing that on a road assuming the whole road as their own is unpardonable.

MT => LJ sync screwed up?

Seems my sync between my MT and LJ is screwed up. Atleast two people have now said that they are not able to see my posts on their LJ friends page.

Does this one work? If not, i am clueless.



One last post, actually a question before i hit the sack. This after talking today to Mannu and Denzil.

If I ask you to recomend three blogs to read, whom will you recommend?


I don't mind arguing with myself. It's when I lose that it bothers me.
-- Richard Powers

India - Pak ODI's


I have hardly watched any of the matches in the on-going series. Somehow, I feel that these matches have been fixed. Otherwise, how could you see all these matches such a high scoring, closely contested event.

Today, i knew India will win. Normally when India loses the top four, i start worrying even if it is an easily achievable target. Today, in spite of India being 150 odd for the loss of five wickets, i knew INDIA WILL WIN. Else, how else will there be crowd for the final match and how will the sponsors get their money.

Anyone arguing otherwise?



Cutting Vegetables is an art. Most of all you need patience. Somehow, i have never managed to learn the art of slicing onions.

Yes, i am hungry and just managed to cook some noodles for me.


Why is that after every song, the volume goes to the maximum while listening to Raga Jukebox. Is there a setting i am missing?

Btw, thanks to Dhempe, i am hooked on to Main Hoon Na. That song keeps running always on my box.

PS: My journal and real life are not in sync. So expect a few posts about the last couple of weeks over the weekend. :-)


Got a whole bunch of Jesudass Tamil film songs. Listening to Jesudass and working is pure bliss.

Beware of March


Firefox and Citibank / HSBC

Tried using Firefox to connect to the Citibank Internet banking site and it works like a charm. But HSBC still complains

To access online@hsbc, please use:
* Internet Explorer version 5.0 or above; or
o Netscape Communicator version 4.72 or above (version 6.x currently not supported)

Tried the User Agent Switcher plugin to change the User Agent as IE but still no help. Any comments / suggestions?

Me and my mobile

I almost lost my mobile. I was so careless that i left it in the cab and came home. And i didn't want to be disturbed today and had put my mobile in silent mode. Thankfully the folks at Chandru travels discovered it and just returned it back. God saved me. I cant suffer another hear heart attack.

*me goes to sleep peacefully*

What a week?


What a hectic week it has been? The earliest i reached home was on Friday night at 0000hrs. During the start of the week i decided that i am going to reduce my food intake and ended up eating more junk food. :-( The only time i ate staple food was on Friday when i gulped in some good amount of Aloo Parathas from Tasty Bites. Saturday was spent sleeping as usual. Also tried to get the USB modem provided by Touchtel working on Linux in vain. Anyone here using the Bharathi Tocuhtel connection on Linux?

On Sunday, Vinod and Hemant, who worked at Wipro when i was in Hyderabad had come down to Bangalore and we decided to catch up near K2 (Wipro's office opposite to the park at Koramangala.) Had a nice time talking about those good days. And after a long time, i had my favourite Devils Own at Coffee Day. Meanwhile Harish called telling that the LJ meet was on. Appaji was interested about the meet but had some other commitments and couldn't make it. I joined the folks at Barista by 1830 and they were already having a great time. General chit-chat followed by a walk down the Brigade Road to Corner house for ice-cream, thanks to Shradha.

And i met this fantastic person, Alan. What a lovely person with his timing jokes. Savio was fondly remembered for his train journey experiences.

Overall, a great way to end up a screwed up week.

More here.

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