India - Pak ODI's


I have hardly watched any of the matches in the on-going series. Somehow, I feel that these matches have been fixed. Otherwise, how could you see all these matches such a high scoring, closely contested event.

Today, i knew India will win. Normally when India loses the top four, i start worrying even if it is an easily achievable target. Today, in spite of India being 150 odd for the loss of five wickets, i knew INDIA WILL WIN. Else, how else will there be crowd for the final match and how will the sponsors get their money.

Anyone arguing otherwise?


My thoughts exactly.

This is bull-shit. It is very difficult to fix close matches like the ones we are having. It would be so obvious to anybody.

I tend to think that one sided matches (where the favourite to win loses badly e.g. Pak v/s Bangladesh in world cup) are more likely to be fixed. The odds are so badly skewed in those cases.

I dont have a proof to say that this was fixed. But some how i feel so. I have been watching cricket for ages and have a good idea about the team. But the way they played yesterday, somehow made me feel that.

And for sure, I am not alone.

I agree. Not only this series. Almost all the one day series get extended till the end. There are no more dead rubbers.

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