Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na

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I finally watched this movie last night. And I enjoyed this movie. The movie is an ordinary college love story, repackaged and delivered a little bit differently. Some of the dialogs are amazing. Jai has pulled of nicely. Aditi looks good but she has overacted and the accent she has put up is crap. I liked Shaleen. The rest of the gang is also good. Nasrudeen Shah tries to be funny. Worth a watch, especially when the company is good. /me starts singing "Jaaaaaaane Tu... Ya Jaaaane Naaaa".

The gem:

Aditi - Pata hi nahin chala college ke paanch saal kahan gaye.
Jai's Mom - Phone pe Beta, Phone pe

Jai - Baarah baj gaya, mujhe nikhalna hoga.
His cousin - Kyu, tu cindrella hai?

Meow :-)

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Seems like everyone liked Shaleen (even my wife!) :). Perhaps because she was the only one in the whole gang who seemed to be sensible? ;) It was sad (or perhaps good) that she was the only one who did not get hitched till the end.

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