BCB4 - Second Day


Today was a much better day at BCB. The crowd was much less, there was space to walk around and talk to a lot of people. We had to time to do everything. Talk about life, philosophy, the world, the habitat / community, photography, mobile phones and bitch about everything including work. Interestingly there were people around with similar thoughts.

Also, spent a lot of time at the photography collective. Amogh showed how to post process an image and gave some cool tips. We tried to process a sunflower image I took and the result was amazing. I will try to get the image and post it sometime this week. It has been a fantastic two days, connecting to multiple people and interacting with them.

August promises to be an exciting month with lot of travel. I am in Hyderabad the next weekend, in Pune the week after that in Pune, and (most probably) in Coimbatore from August 15-19. A couple of my friends are getting married and I will be in Kovilpatti / Chennai during the last week of August. If anyone wants to connect, leave a comment or mail me.


Hey, was amoghvarsha the person with Macbook?

Balaji: Yup, that was Amogh all right.

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