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Happy New Year - 2005

Welcome 2005. May this year be a safe, joyous, peaceful, prosperous year.

Have a great year ahead.

Some clicks


at the SV Temple, Pittsburgh and the last week snow at Morristown here. They should make their way to my gallery soon.

It was an awesome experience driving to MA yesterday. Either side of the road is pure white with snow. Amazing. A couple of more snaps of the snow at MA here.

Photos updated in my Gallery



Here, I come.

IRC - Humour

<he>: hey <me> :)
<me>: yo <XXX>
<me>: <XXX>: gonna get my lenses fixed, will be back shortly
<XXX>: spectacles or contact? :)
<me>: spex
<XXX>: or camera...
<XXX>: ah :)
<me>: <XXX>: need to clean my car, damn 2-3 inches snow
<me>: bbl
<XXX>: 2-3 inches should be nothing. Just ride away and let the tires take care of it. ;)
<me>: but the wind shield
<XXX>: why do you need to clean the wind shield?
<XXX>: Do you actually look into it while driving?
<me>: <XXX>: ??
<XXX>: nothing. :)
<me>: too mych IRCING or games?
<XXX>: lack of sleep, due to whichever reason. :)

The Paris Option, Robert Ludlum

Title: The Paris Option
Author: Robert Ludlum and Gayle Lynds
ISBN: 0-312-28987-1
Read: December 19, 2004


Living on Earth may be expensive, but it includes an annual free trip around the Sun.
-- fortune

Hyderabad Blues

A movie about a guy who returns for a break from the US of A to his native town and the cultural shock he faces. Worth a watch. An afternoon better spent than having a nap.

There are some gems in the movie. Some of them...

12 years, and still one hour late.
Once a Hyderabadi, always a Hyderabadi

She is beautiful.
I hope you are not referring to my wife.

You will have to take your GRE and TOEFL.
Sandhya, without these exams no one ....
Call me Sandy!

Foot Prints

One day a man was having a conversation with god when his whole life
flashed before his eyes as a series of footsteps on the sands of time.
He saw that there were two pairs of footprints, but during the most
difficult periods of his life there were only one set of footprints. He
asked god "You said you will be with me throughout this journey, but
why have you deserted me during the most critical times of my life??"
to which god answered "Son, I did not desert you, I was always with see only one set of footprints because during those difficult
times in your life, I was carrying you"

Happy Holidays

Our office is closed from Friday, December 24, 2004 till Sunday, January 2, 2005. This is the longest stretch of holidays I am having ever since i finished college. I don't have a plan on what to do and I am open to invitations. :-) I currently live in Morristown, NJ if that helps.

Windows and ports

Have you ever seen this?
OS - Windows 2000. Can anyone explain?

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas -

Spelling Mistakes

I have seen that the most common spelling mistake I make is with words that have repetitive letters. For example, today when i was writing shooting, i wrote shotting. I have seen I make this mistake frequently.

What is the most common spelling mistake you make?

Kakka Kakka and Main Hoon Na

Watched Kakka Kakka and Main Hoon Na. Nothing impressive. KK is a good watch if you like Jyothika. She seems to have become slim and her looks are awesome. Other than the songs in Main Hoon Na, there is nothing much. In general, the movies are becoming pretty much predictable. I used to watch around 5-6 movies an year earlier and I used to enjoy every one. May be because, they were selected ones. I need to get back to selective viewing.

Need to watch After the Sunset and National Treasure. Sometime this week.

Bumped on this link about Bollywood movies accidentally. How true?

Rio Carbon

Bought a Rio Carbon Digital Audio Player last week. Though the main interest was to rip apart the 5GB CF card, I thought I will use it as an audio player for sometime. I am trying to stuff music into it and I have just crossed a gig. I now know for sure that I don't need a 40GB iPod, if at all I buy one.

The legend is no more

But her voice will stay for ever. Every time I used to pass by the "Subha - Sivam" house in Kotturpuram, I wish I could get to see her in person.
Music icon MS Subbulakshmi passes away

Looks are *deceptive*

Biru de onigashimasu

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A colleague of mine just taught this! This is the third Japanese word i know after "moshi moshi" and "sayanora"

Google is *GOD*


The title says it all. I go to sleep a satisfied man.

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