IRC - Humour

<he>: hey <me> :)
<me>: yo <XXX>
<me>: <XXX>: gonna get my lenses fixed, will be back shortly
<XXX>: spectacles or contact? :)
<me>: spex
<XXX>: or camera...
<XXX>: ah :)
<me>: <XXX>: need to clean my car, damn 2-3 inches snow
<me>: bbl
<XXX>: 2-3 inches should be nothing. Just ride away and let the tires take care of it. ;)
<me>: but the wind shield
<XXX>: why do you need to clean the wind shield?
<XXX>: Do you actually look into it while driving?
<me>: <XXX>: ??
<XXX>: nothing. :)
<me>: too mych IRCING or games?
<XXX>: lack of sleep, due to whichever reason. :)

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