Looking Back at 2008

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Happy New Year. The first post of the year. However since I did not complete a round up of 2008 as promised earlier, here it is. I initially thought this is going to be individual posts but being a lazy bum, I am consolidating all into one.

  • Status Change: I have been using twitter a lot lately for status updates but this one deserved a post but I never did. On Dec 4th, this year, my marital status changed to married. I got married to Vasumathi at Srirangam Trichy and then have spent the rest of the month at leisure touring Rajsathan for a week, a week in Bangalore and the last couple of weeks for a laid back vacation in Podanur, Coimbatore.
  • Three years at Yahoo!: This October, I completed three years at Yahoo! I have been working for more than 10 years now and this is the longest stay in a company for me. There are enough people around to look up to, the work is fantastic and I am enjoying every bit of it. There has been ups and downs but this is a company where I have felt at home since day one.
  • Travel - Visted Singapore and a few other places in India.
  • Was regular in some kind of physical activity.

Let us see what 2009 has got in store for me.

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Write longer posts :|

btw..Nice post:)

And..oh..Happy new year :)

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