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Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

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I watch a movie to relax and laugh. And I prefer to watch it at my own pace, pausing it, rewind / forward, sometimes with subtitles. However, we have been thinking to watch a movie in a theatre for a while but that never happened. I hate this idea of reserving a ticket well in advance. I prefer to walk up to the window and buy tickets. But this mad rush in Bangalore does not help. So I decided to try my luck today for Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Bookmyshow crapped out, INOX was unavailable, Cinepolis was giving useful error messages. Until I discovered Vision Cinemas and Ticket New. Got the tickets booked for the 7pm show, at 6:00pm. And a mad rush ensued we reached the theatre on time.

Enough story, now about the movie. The movie is about 3 people rediscovering themselves while giving up their inner fears. Nothing new in the story and I felt as if I have seen the story before. But what stood out was the amazing shots of Spain, the way the story was told and some really funny lines. Every one had played their role very well but Farhan Akthar was classy and stands out. There are some amazing lines in the movie (BML, Bagwathi). I have tried skydiving but the film makes me think about skydiving again and deep sea diving. Though the music was good, I don't think any of the songs stayed with me. And I did not get the ending where Kabir goes to marry Natasha.

Sitting in the first row, the full screen barely visible, a slight neck pain and the tension to get to the movie on time - All worth it for a good evening and a nice movie.

My name is Imran but my friends call me Majnu.

Movie Reviews

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Over the last four weeks, I watched eight movies. Here is a twitter style review of seven of them. I forgot the name of the eighth :-)

  • Delhi 6 - Spent 3 hours watching a movie and came out unable to understand what the movie was all about. I am starting to love the Masakali song though.
  • Slumdog Millionaire - I have no clue what is there in this movie to go gaga over it. An average movie
  • Max Payne - Had heard about the game and decided to watch this movie. Crap.
  • Eagle Eye - Slept through it
  • Dasvidaniya - Indian version of The Bucket List
  • Rock On!! - Started watching this since I had heard a lot about this movie. Turned out to be an average one.
  • Jab We Met - Finally a decent one. Enjoyed it. Geet sometimes reminds me of someone special :-)

Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na

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I finally watched this movie last night. And I enjoyed this movie. The movie is an ordinary college love story, repackaged and delivered a little bit differently. Some of the dialogs are amazing. Jai has pulled of nicely. Aditi looks good but she has overacted and the accent she has put up is crap. I liked Shaleen. The rest of the gang is also good. Nasrudeen Shah tries to be funny. Worth a watch, especially when the company is good. /me starts singing "Jaaaaaaane Tu... Ya Jaaaane Naaaa".

The gem:

Aditi - Pata hi nahin chala college ke paanch saal kahan gaye.
Jai's Mom - Phone pe Beta, Phone pe

Jai - Baarah baj gaya, mujhe nikhalna hoga.
His cousin - Kyu, tu cindrella hai?

Meow :-)

Jodhaa Akbar

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One of the worst every movies I have watched in recent times. Screwed up my Friday evening watching it. A melodrama, stretches like a rubber band. Background music has some similar scores to Lagaan. After watching the movie for about 4 hour did not understand what the director was trying to portray. A total bakwas. Stay away from this movie.

Get busy living or Get busy dying

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Just finished watching The Shawshank Redemption. This is one movie I have heard a lot about and always wanted to watch. Hemant gave me the DVD a couple of weeks back and I sat down this afternoon to watch this movie. Within 10 minutes, was completely engulfed into the movie. Did not know how the 2 hours went. Amazing story telling, memorable quotes, nice sound track. I really loved the ending.

Fear can hold you prisoner... Hope can set you free

The Departed

Watched The Departed today. Haven't watched a movie like this for a long time. The last 15 minutes was the best part of the movie. Amazing dialogues and a star studded cast. Dont miss it.

Though other than driving down the 17 mile we did not do much, the weekend flew. Recollecting old memories, discussing everything from Tamil Cinema to career, cooking food, it was fun. Some photos are up at flickr.

Charan / Partha, Thanks for dropping by.

Main, Meri Patni Aur Woh

Watching Main, Meri Patni Aur Woh. Seems to be a good movie so far. Mitileshji rocks in his role.

Vakeel Sahab, Bareily ja ra he ho?
Phir, Is bus mein baitke Japan jayenge kya?

Aapko khana banana aata hai?
Aata hai, lekin roti gol nahi banta...

Day before yesterday,we watched Pyar ke Side effects. The movie went good for most of the time. The last 20 minutes or somehow stretched like a rubber. And just a few hours back watched Erin Brockovich on TBS. I am catching up on all the missed movies. :-)


Spending most of the time watching TV today, I have observed that

1) Cine-choreographers are the most creative people in the world and their creativity invariably revolves around the actresses navel.

2) KBC-2 in Tamil, running on Vijay TV is a must watch comedy. Nizhalkal Ravi trying to emulate Big-B and the dubbing sound-track is real fun. Don't miss it.

Movies for the week

Man on Fire
Hyderabad Blues - 2
Legally Blond
After the Sunset
Sheesha (Hindi)

oh! and when i was talking about Salma Hayek appaji pointed me to this.

I believe that chicken is the best thing on two legs after Salma Hayek. :-D

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Kate, to the front desk at the Plaza, What kind of idiots do you have working here? Front Desk: The finest in New York, Ma'am

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