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Over the last four weeks, I watched eight movies. Here is a twitter style review of seven of them. I forgot the name of the eighth :-)

  • Delhi 6 - Spent 3 hours watching a movie and came out unable to understand what the movie was all about. I am starting to love the Masakali song though.
  • Slumdog Millionaire - I have no clue what is there in this movie to go gaga over it. An average movie
  • Max Payne - Had heard about the game and decided to watch this movie. Crap.
  • Eagle Eye - Slept through it
  • Dasvidaniya - Indian version of The Bucket List
  • Rock On!! - Started watching this since I had heard a lot about this movie. Turned out to be an average one.
  • Jab We Met - Finally a decent one. Enjoyed it. Geet sometimes reminds me of someone special :-)

The concert schedule for the 71st Sree Ramanavami Celebrations at Fort High School is available on the mandali's website. As usual it is a star studded list. Be there and enjoy.

Upcoming Link.

San Francisco

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Most of February, I was thinking about what I wanted to do for the next few months. I had signed up for a training program for a 10K run in May. I egged a few friends to find out some place for a trek or a tour. I was asking my wife if she wanted to go anywhere. Suddenly during the last week of Feb, everything changed. I was asked to travel to San Francisco for a couple of weeks. I came here with a mixed bag of reactions and a lot of apprehension.

I landed in San Francisco on the first of March. The first couple of days passed by and then I discovered _the city_. This has been an amazing place and I have enjoyed every day here. Sometimes when I am completely upset or bogged down, be it due to work or otherwise, all I do is take a walk or a jog. And then I feel as if I am in heaven. I forget everything. All I feel is the chill air and the noise of the speeding cars around. This city is a jogger's paradise. The other day, I was really hungry and went down to get some breakfast. When I saw people running, I started running. I ran till Fisherman's Wharf and came back to the apartment without even having breakfast. Today I went to the airport to see a friend's wife off to India. He and a couple of others came back to my apartment and we went for a walk. We came to the apartment around 6 and they left around 8. I finished my dinner and was planning to go to bed. I am scheduled to go to Sunnyvale tomorrow and after a week back to Bangalore. So, I decided to take a walk one last time during this trip. I went down and I started running. I ran till the Gandhi statue at the Ferry Building. I spent about 15 minutes there listening to the sounds from the water, watching the Bay Bridge, thinking how much things have changed in the two weeks.

SF, I am going to miss you. Good bye until I come back again.

Barcamp Bangalore 8

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The 8th edition of Bangalore Barcamp happens at Yahoo! on 7th and 8th March. There has been enough debates about BCB8. So it will be interesting to see how it goes. I am not in town and will not be able to make it. But if you are around, you should go. It helps to connect with like minded people in town.

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