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A little after I wrote my post about the schedule, I noticed that the official site also has the same listed. This looks better than my scanned copy. Enjoy.


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I was casually asking the score yesterday and someone said Sehwag was on fire. I spent rest of the day on cricinfo / cricbuzz and lamenting about why isn't Neo sports available in office. In the night I went to a friends place to catch the highlights of the match. Man, Sehwag was really scintillating. He butchered the bowlers and took the initiative away from SA. In the process, he smashed a few records. In another wise dead match, Sehwag made it very interesting. Today morning I saw the few overs and looks like he was very tired. He was struggling and soon got out. And Indians tumbled afterwards. If he stayed or if India had taken the initiative, they could have scored 700+ and could have put SA on pressure. Now it is again going to get boring. But this has been a fantastic match for Sehwag. In the last three test matches, he has played nicely. Let us see how long does he continue.

The schedule for the annual Ramanavami celebrations at Fort High School, Chamarajpet is out. It runs from April 7th till May 14th. I have been having a copy of the schedule for almost month now but I was hoping to find a copy online so I can pass it along. Today, Sashi volunteered to scan the schedule and give it to me as a PDF. So here it is. Check out the schedule and be there.

It is also there on upcoming. Add yourself if you are attending.

Long Weekend

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This is one of the classic examples of my planning ahead for a weekend going haywire. The plan was to go and spend the long weekend in Pondicherry. Rishi was planning to go there as well and I had decided to tag along. Meanwhile, my sister said she had been planning to go there and she will meet us around Friday noon.

Till about 2pm when I left office, I was thinking that I was leaving for Pondicherry, but suddenly had to change my plans since I was needed in Coimbatore. So I asked Rishi to drop me at Krishnagiri and I took a bus to Salem and from there another bus to Coimbatore. Landed home around 3 in the morning. Rishi seems to have had an ordeal in reaching Pondicherry. And my sister until yesterday noon was saying she did not plan to go anywhere due to the rain, calls up in the night saying she is in Pondicherry. :-)

This is one of the reasons why I think a lot before I plan ahead with a group of people. My plans are always flexible and I decide what to do at the spur of the moment. If I plan ahead, something external changes my plans and this ends up in disappointment.

And doing the usual things when I am in Coimbatore. Eating, Watching TV and Sleeping. Am most probably going to Trichy tonight to attend a friends marriage and then back in Bangalore on Tuesday.

Happy Holi. Interestingly I have seen lot of people celebrating Holi in Podanur and I see colours splashed around this place. This is a change that must have happened in the last 5-6 years. When I used to study about 10 years back, I had never heard of Holi being celebrated this side. The world is shrinking. :-)

Cricket - Look alikes

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Fun link for the Day.


Specifically look at Ponting and Nasser Hussain :-)


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After hearing some funny announcements made by the pilot in a heavily accented tone, I asked the air hostess, "Is the pilot a German?". Pat came the reply, "No. He is European.". :-)


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I am in Cochin this weekend to do interviews for Yahoo!. I have been planning to visit Cochin for a long time and this trip just happened. Yesterday morning, Jemshad and I took a stroll on the Marine Drive. In the evening a bunch of us went out visiting Bologatty Palace, an ancient church and finally the M.G.Road. This evening Jemshad and I are going to Model Engineering College for an orientation and I plan to spend some more time around the city.


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I try to WFH a couple of times every month. Usually in 7-8 hours that I work, I accomplish a lot more than what I usually do in office in 2-3 days, since there is no interrupts. But today was exactly opposite. From 9:30 or so till 6, I hardly accomplished anything, spent 2+ hours on the phone and another 1 hour or so on IM. A very unproductive day, when I wanted to complete some very important tasks. :-(


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Busy. That one word summarizes how I have been for the past month or so. The shortest month of the year flew by like a minute. Its just not work but things outside work also has kept me busy. Just now someone called me to say that we haven't met since New year. He is the one whom I hang out with every week :-) March is not going to be better. Two friends visiting, a work related trip to Cochin, a marriage to attend in Trichy and whole lot of PHB work.

Had a coworker travel from Sunnyvale and spent two weekends roaming around with him. After a long time, I met someone who thinks and works very much like me. I guess he is the second person after Mr.H at Honeywell who approaches, thinks and executes just like me. Visited Mysore, dined at half a dozen restaurants in the city and loafed around.

Cricket: Let me also join the bandwagon by writing about it. It was an amazing couple of games. I never that India will drive home the cup with a thumping win. They played very ordinary in the initial stages and I was not even sure if they will qualify for the finals. They finally qualified, without depending on the SL-Aus match result. But in both the finals they played like real champs and made Ponting eat his words (though I have not seen a news article Ponting saying three finals will not be required). In the first game, when we were chasing, I thought we had to play with 10 players thinking Tendulkar was out of the equation. But man, the way he played was awesome. I have never seen him play like this in a long time. It was a mix of caution and aggression. He did the same in the second final as well. In all, India did a great job in Australia. Let us see how this team progresses.

And see this picture of Harbhajan. Man, he is one funny character. And he had his moments in the finals accounting for his friends dismissal.

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