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5 or F

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Yesterday we had a GPG Key Signing Party at office. People had to read their finger prints and then identify themselves.

One interesting observation was that when people where trying to read out their finger prints, atleat 3 of them said 5 when they meant to say F if it came after a few numbers. Really funny. Reminded me of the forward circulating around which says people read the first and the last letters of the word and even if they are misspelled they get the word the right.

Radio Verve

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I was aimlessly browsing on Sunday night when I glanced upon Radioverve's new classical channel. I listened about for a couple of hours and the experience was fantastic. They are bringing together in association with Ananya, non-profit cultural orginazation. I hope this will help bring more new faces into fame and also help reach to a bigger audience. My only request now is to have a longer play list and more variety.

The website design is also amazing. Head over there, start listening and spread the word.

Ford Fiesta

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Ram has been planning to buy a car and when he decided to survey the market, I tagged along. We tried the Ford Fiest Diesel yesterday. Drove from Cauvery Ford to Kanakpura Road and then on the NICE road. Oh! boy, this car is fantastic. For a diesel car, there is no noise, it is smooth and the pickup is awesome. He did around 140km and it was just cruising. The Sxi model has leather seats, a 6cd changer and the dashboard looks compact. We also tried the Ford fusion but I was not impressed. I had driven this in the US and there it is a sedan while here it is a hatchback. Though the ground clearance is good, looks like a bit more spacious, it makes too much noise. And I did not find the drive smooth. I am really impressed with Fiesta and if I would buy anytime soon, I will go for it.

Maa ki Tongue

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Have you seen this before? An ad for Yahoo! messenger to chat in your mother tongue. I loved this ad.

$life update

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Its been crazy ever since I came back from Sunnyvale in the third week of September. The day I reached Bangalore, I was unable to get to my home, thanks to a power failure. They had also dug up the entire road and it was mess. So I went to my friend's place nearby. The situation did not get any better until they knocked of the compound wall of a nearby building, that was built illegally. But there was still no power. Also, I could not take out my car and hence could not go to the yoga classes in the morning. So I decided to stay at my friend's place until I had an alternative. In the meantime, I also spent an uneventful weekend in Chennai doing interviews for my team. Mid last week, I was able to borrow a bicycle and I moved back to my home. I was barely there a couple of days and I was again locked out on Monday. This time, my dad locked the house and went to Coimbatore and I forgot my keys inside. After some frantic phone calls, saved a trip to Coimbatore by finding someone who was coming from Coimbatore to Bangalore to get my house keys. Due to this mess, I was unable to go Nandi hills as planned earlier with the letsgoers. Spend most of my time yesterday with folks at the Open Hackday yesterday. Had a bunch of old friends from college today at home.

Its been hectic but I hope this gets better. The only good thing is Airtel's internet connection / phone has been down at home for most part of the last 3 weeks. This has helped me to go back to sleep at a sane time and do some reading. And though I have not been writing too much, I have been taking a lot of pictures in the last few months. Check them out on Flickr. Let me know your comments on the photos.

I have also watched a lot of cricket in the last couple of months, including the T20 win and the most recent thrashing by Australia. I am starting to like the T20 more than F50 matches. Indians screwing up along with the unneeded aggression is not helping either.

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