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Ads on Moneycontrol.com

I have been a moneycontrol.com user for a long time. I read the reports out there and use the portfolio tracker on their site to track my investments. Recently, they changed the UI of the site and brought in a bunch of ads all over their site. Unfortunately, this does not work correctly with FF, and I have the ad appearing right over my portfolio. Annoying and make the site useless.

Took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to use a simple greasemonkey script to remove the ad. Here you go. Enjoy! Power to Greasemonkey, Firefox and the OSS.


After a long time, we played cricket between two internal groups yesterday. We played 3 matches at the National College grounds, Jayangar. It was fun to run around and stretch. Almost every one who came, were there just for the fun and some exercise. I was there to stretch my body so that I can get some good sleep. My body still aches but this is the best sleep I have had in quite some time. Slept around 16 hours undistrubed in the last 24 hours :-) We need to play more cricket atleast for some sound sleep.

Japanese kids dancing for a Tamil Song

Got this one from Manoj. Watch these girls dancing for a tamil song. Nice coordination between every one and its very well done. Unfortunately I am hearing this song for the first time and dont even know which filim this is from. Tamil movies have a craze in Japan and Superstar Rajinikanth has a great fan following there. Enjoy the video.

Of Sleep and Bandh

Its been a while since I had my quota of sleep. And with nothing much to do and thanks to the long weekend, I caught up on my lost sleep. With the carnatic season around, was able to listen to Sanjay Subramaniam at the NMRKV college on Saturday and T.M.Krishna on Sunday at the Odakathur Mutt. Sanjay gave a stunning performance and kept the audience spell bound for more than a couple of hours. I liked his on stage mannerism :-) His facial expressions, hand movements and some times, the abhinayam, are an intergral part of the show.

And today was the bandh. I have no idea what was achieved by a complete shutdown. Productivity and money lost. With the goverment's decision on appealing against the tribunal still pending, this was a waste. I remember reading that in Japan, instead of shutting down for a strike, they increase their productivity by working over time. This causes a planning nightmare for the management and they look into the employees concern immediately. Win-Win for both. Can't we guys learn from this?

Looks like my wish of having processions outside the city limits might come true. The government seems to be planning on implementing a legislation for holding meetings and rallies outside the city limits. :-)


Someone sent me this.

The mind is, but not a programmable array !!

Hmm... Made me think, after a long time. If your life becomes predictable, will you start thinking that way?

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