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The Departed

Watched The Departed today. Haven't watched a movie like this for a long time. The last 15 minutes was the best part of the movie. Amazing dialogues and a star studded cast. Dont miss it.

Though other than driving down the 17 mile we did not do much, the weekend flew. Recollecting old memories, discussing everything from Tamil Cinema to career, cooking food, it was fun. Some photos are up at flickr.

Charan / Partha, Thanks for dropping by.


Though I have seen a bunch of videos on YouTube, I have not spent much time on it. But ever since I landed in Sunnyvale, I am spending a lot of time on YouTube. I have found an alternate to Comdey Time. A search for tamil comdey gets you a whole bunch of videos and time files. No ads, no blabber. And one of my favourite is there too.

And I was hearing a lot of news about Google and YouTube and then saw this video yesterday after the news about Google buying YouTube was announced.

I will save details about my weekend trip to Sacramento / Lake Tahoe / Reno for another entry. ;-)

Main, Meri Patni Aur Woh

Watching Main, Meri Patni Aur Woh. Seems to be a good movie so far. Mitileshji rocks in his role.

Vakeel Sahab, Bareily ja ra he ho?
Phir, Is bus mein baitke Japan jayenge kya?

Aapko khana banana aata hai?
Aata hai, lekin roti gol nahi banta...

Day before yesterday,we watched Pyar ke Side effects. The movie went good for most of the time. The last 20 minutes or somehow stretched like a rubber. And just a few hours back watched Erin Brockovich on TBS. I am catching up on all the missed movies. :-)

Visiting Sunnyvale, CA


Its been little over a week since I landed in Sunnyvale, CA and I am enjoying every bit of it. Except for that fubared Indian flight from Bangalore to Singapore, the journey was pretty good and I did not have a jetlag. Manoj, a college mate, lives here and he has been taking me around places. He did some talking at Avis and got me a free upgrade from an intermediate to a SUV. And so I am driving around a Buick Rendezvous. The next one I am going to try is a PT Cruiser. Its amazing to be driving such a big ones. Compare it with the Maruti 800, I drive in Comibatore :-(

Friday night we checked out downtown Palo Alto, partied till late night at the University Avenue. Saturday evening, we drove down to downtown San Francisco. Checked out the Golden Gate bridge, Fisherman's Wharf. I drove up on Lombard street and I think is one of the toughest one I have ever driven. Its like a 70 degree inclination uphill with stop signs all over and then run downs with sharp turns.

Planning for a vist to LA, Las Vegas and Sacremento (to meet Charan) over the next three weekends I am here. Hopefully, the work schedule remains light. If anyone is living around this area, please send me an email and we can catch up.

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