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Fun @ Work

If you work like this, work and office are always fun.

BarCamp Bangalore - 2

Sumeet is talking on " Write Web Whatever Web Apps Using Yahoo UI Libs"

He is introducing Yahoo Developer library and the various components available in the library.

Some interesting points discussed in the talk about livejournal community management.

- Moderators for the community
- The issue with the college crowd. wearethespinx?
- Debate caused after the Kannada / Bangalore debate
- Competitive communities to bangalore.
- Anonymous comments on Bangalore
- The ubiquitous cool dude "ravi"
- Governance of communities.

BarCamp Bangalore

Ok, atlast i made it to the BarCamp. After working for close to 36 hours, thanks to the hack day at Yahoo, the only thing I wanted to do was to sleep. But, I was woken up in the morning by a couple of phone calls. So atlast, I made to the Yahoo, EGL facility, where the BarCamp is on.

By the time, I reached here lunch was on. So everyone was just hanging around. Met a whole lot of old faces and a few names known through IRC / LJ.

Then attended the talk on "The Art of Scaling" by Devdas and Vinayak. Currently there is a good discussion going where Nishant and Jace are presenting "Lessons in Community Management from Livejournal Bangalore".

More later.

Rama Navami starts the Carnatic music festival in Bangalore similar to
the December season in Chennai. Sri Rama Seva Mandali, Chamarajpet is
organising its 68th music festival at the Fort High School grounds.

The entire schedule is available at the link below.


It happens only in India

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Internet BankingThe world's local bank must be the only one who can afford to have a 19 hours down time for its Internet Banking system and this can happen only in India. :-(

Sehwag's Blog - 2

Ok, decided to check on Sehwag's Blog which he started a couple of months ago. Since he spends very little time in the field, I thought atleast he would have his blog updated. :-( See for yourself.

Geez. I dont have a better job to do now.

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