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Indraya Sirru Thathuvams

A forward that I got today. Enjoy, if you understand Tamil :-)

Sirpi Kalla Uliyaala adicha that is "Kalai" But
Namma Sirpiya Uliyaala adicha that is "Kolai"

Railway Stationla Police Station irukkum But
Police Stationla railway station irukkathu

Yevalavu Dan Neechal Therinjalum
Tumler thannila Neentha Mudiyathu.

Ennathan Naiku Nalu Kaal Irundhalum
Athaala Kaal Mela Kaal Pottu Ukkara Mudiyathu

10 Yerumbu Oru Yaanaia Kadika Mudium Aana
10 Yaanaila Oru Yerumba Kadika Mudiyadu.

Mandaiya Pota Die
Mandaila Pota Dye

Nee Enna Thaan Costly Mobile Vachiruthalum
Adhula Evalavu Thaan Recharge Pannalum
Unnaala Unnaku Call Panna Mudiyathu

Kosu Kadicha Yaanaikaal Varum But
Yaanai Kadicha Kosukaal Varathu

Valkaikum Valukaikum Orea Vithyasam
Onnumae Illatha Valkai Bore Adikum
Onnumae Illatha Valukai Glare Adikum

Policesikkum Porukikkum enna Vithyasam
"Adi-Thadi" Senja Porukki
"Thadi-Adi" Senja Police

Trainnuku Ticket Vangi Platformla Ukkaralaam Ana
Platform Ticket Vangi Trainla Ukkara Mudiyathu

Ennathan Karatela Black Belt Vanginalum
Naai Thorathina Odi Thaan Aganum

Busla Nee Earunalum
Unnmalae Bus Earunalum
Ticket Vangaporadhu Nee Thaan

PAAL Kotinna Vera Paal Vaangikkalam
Arisi Kotinna Vera Arisi Vaangikkalam Aana
Thel Kotinna Vera Thel Vanga Mudiyuma?

Ticket Vangitu Ulla Poradu Cinema Theatre
Ulae Poitu Ticket Vangaradu Operation Theatre

Kaakaa Enna Thaan Karuppa Irundalum Adhu Podura Muttai Vellai Thaan
Muttai Enna Thaan Vellaiya Irundalum Athukulae irukura
Kaakaa Karupp Thaan

Iron Boxla Iron Pannalam Anna
Pencil Boxla Pencil Panna Mudiyathu

Cream Biscuitla Cream Irukkum Anna
Naai Biscuitla Naai Irukathu.

Sehwag's Website

Virendar Sehwag has launched a website and a blog too. The website is an all-flash jazzy one and is most probably maintained by some one else. But let us see what he blogs about.

Oh! and read the 40 odd comments on his blog. Not a single one questions his innings were he fails cheaply. His ODI average in 2005 was around 20, though he has a decent average of 62.66 in tests in the 2004/2005 Season.

More about the website launch at Sehwag launches website.

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