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Australian Open

If you missed the match between Lindsay Davenport and Alicia Molik, you missed something. Looking forward to the Maria v Serena semis.

Fierce winter storm predicted

There is going to be a lot of snow over the next 36 hours here. Forecast says "Approximately 1 inch of snow per hour will accumulate between 3 and 9 pm today, about half an inch of snow hourly until 4 am tomorrow". It has been raining since almost noon and I had to drive back home in the snow on a desolated road and the car spun while taking a turn. You do not need to drive, you just glide. :-)

Will put some pics later.



I am feeling dull and void. Don't know why.

Mid week random Blab

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly
-- Henri L. Bergson

Operation Roti


Wow! It has been snowing around this place and it was fun to drive back home. Though it was a bit scary, thoroughly enjoyed the drive back home. Ice rain and more snow predicted for tomorrow. Yeah!

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