Movie Rain

Watched Mujhse Dhosti Karoge yesterday. A dumb ass movie. The whole film runs on a hairline story. An overnight download and another two hours watching it. Total waste.

In other news, I have watched more movies in the last one month than the rest of the year. Movies watched recently

Ladder 49 - Story is about a firefighter recollecting his career, from a novice to one of the best. Nice movie. Jack Morrison does a good job. Worth watching.

White Chicks - A comedy movie. Doesn't impress much.

Taxi - A hilarous comedy. You should just watch it just for Jimmy Fallon's portrayal as loser and his stupidity at simple tasks opening a door, taking a car out of parallel parking. And these days, while driving I do sing aloud :-( The movie punch line "He is armed, She is dangerous". Full time pass, Paisa Vasool.

Ab Tak Chappan - Watched it just for Nana Patekar.

And i still have Kakka Kakka and Ennavale to watch. Torrents and a decent b/w rock!

Update: Just go to to know that Mujhse Dhosti Karoge was a 2002 candidate. I thought it was a 2004 release and was also a block buster. Must have messed mixed up with someother Hrithik Roshan film. And the Brazilian robbers in Taxi are hot! :-)

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