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Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube This has been taking quite a bit of my free time these days. I saw the Rubik's Cube first, when I was in school. I could solve no more than a single side and thought that that was the best that could be done. Until when in college, a friend could solve this with ease. While solving the cube, after solving the two opposite sides, he would solve the rest without having a look at the cube. It used to fascinate me a lot until he explained the whole idea. He could also tell if the cube was assembled incorrectly after a certain amount of moves. I picked up the tricks from him then but have forgotten / out of touch. Have been taking close to twenty minutes to solve it. Will try to improve and learn some new tricks.

More Gmail invites


send me an email. first come first served.

Random Thoughts

All beautiful woman in this world are either lesbians or married.

Time Pass

Found written in our office toilets

- Please stand / sit closer to the WC throughout the performance.
- Even if you are in a rush, please remember to flush
- If you sprinkle while to tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie


Mozilla Lightningyak

Yes! My new browser!


More Gmail invites

If any one wants holler.



100MB from yahoo mail. yeah!


Dhoti + Shirt for my Father = Rs. 700
Two Sarees for my Mom = Rs. 1891
Two Salwar Kameez for my Sister = Rs. 1735
A jean and a Kurtha for me = Rs. 2400

This is a not a Master card advt. I am wondering if men's clothing has gone so costly?

I have got mail

Gmail! Yeah! at last,. thanks to Niteesh.

The walking continues


Walked from home to office in 25 minutes today. Guess the 1000 bucks i spent on the laptop bag is worth it!

Simbly Time pass

Some junk to read. Better than head banging.



You have two cows. You dont milk them. You worship them.


You have two cows in Vijayawada. You hook them to internet and milk them from Hyderabad.


You have two cows. You teach them to cry, "Ammaaaaaaa..." and fall at your feet.


You have two cows. You give one to your son and the other to your nephew.


You have two cows. But you drink goat's milk.


you have two bulls. You adamantly consider them as cows.


You have two cows. You buy Rs. 900 Crore worth of cattlefeed for them.


You have two cows. You throw them into air and catch their milk in your mouth.


You have two cows. You paint them both to get colourful milk.


You have two cows. You distribute the milk among your partners and eat cattlefeed.


You have two cows. But you milk your neigh! bours' cows.


You have two cows. You put them in purdah.


You have two cows. You dont milk them; you only lecture to them.


1 First prepare a document when to milk them (Project kick off)

2 Prepare a document how long you have to milk them (Project plan)

3 Then prepare how to milk them (Design)

4 Then prepare what other accessories are needed to milk them (Framework)

5 Then prepare a 2 dummy cows (sort of toy cows) and show to client the way in which u will milk them (UI Mockups & POC)

6 If client is not satisfied then redo from step 2

7 You actually start milking them and find that there are few problem with accessories. (Change framework)

8 Redo step 4

9 At last milk them and send it to onsite. (Coding over)

10 Make sure that cow milks properly ( Testing)

11. O! nsite reports that it is not milking there.

13. You break your head and find that onsite is trying to milk from bulls

14. At last onsite milk them and send to client (Testing)

15. Client says the quality of milk is not good. (User Acceptance Test)

16. Offsite then slogs and improves the quality of milk

17. Now the client says that the quality is good but its milking at slow rate (performance issue)

18. Again you slog and send it with good performance.

19. Client is happy..

By this time both the COWs aged and cant milk.


When a man tells you that he got rich through hard work, ask him whose.
-- Don Marquis

My (un)holy workplace

Here and here.

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