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Girls are like internet domain

Girls are like internet domain names, the ones I like are already taken.
-- from

Random Thoughts

If people around you are trying to pull you down, be proud of it. Because, it only means that you are above them.
-- an SMS received today

Nmap Version Scanning

Nmap now has version detection Discussion at /. here

perl hack

somebody here asked me just now. i have a list of files. i want to move them to filename.old. What is the simplest one liner?

i suggested this.

$ head a.txt

$ perl -pi -e 's/(.*)/mv \1 \1\.old/' a.txt

$ head a.txt
mv Tools.tex Tools.tex.old
mv anbe_sivam.tex anbe_sivam.tex.old
mv appendix.tex appendix.tex.old
mv bg.tex bg.tex.old
mv cc-upgrade.tex cc-upgrade.tex.old
mv chandru_bank.tex chandru_bank.tex.old
mv demo1.tex demo1.tex.old
mv ding.tex ding.tex.old
mv eso-ex2.tex eso-ex2.tex.old
mv ex4.tex ex4.tex.old

me learning perl :-)
anything better?

Mood Ring - balaji is intense

Livejournal Mood Ring

balaji is intense.

You're no-nonsense, to the point, working all the time, looking to die an early death in a bathroom somewhere when your body finally gives out. Way to go.

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9/11 - My memories

We were in our office that evening troubleshooting some software installation when our TM asked "Hey! It seems some major bomb blast in the US! Any news about it!". All major news sites weren’t accessible probably due to the heavy load. And we continued to work. Some time later, he told that a major disaster had struck in the US and the Twin towers have been hit by a couple of planes. I rushed home to see the shocking terror. And the whole scene unfolded.

Two years down the line. still remember Bush's "Freedom itself is attacked...." and "We here you...." speeches. But, what is the outcome? Has the "War on Terror" succeeded? No idea if there will be any answers.

How rich are you?

I'm loaded.
It's official.
I'm the 669,100,258 richest person on earth!
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why is YOUR livejournal annoying?

I'm boring

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Lunch at chatharam

Lunch.jpgIn response to Sidcarter's this post, a picture of lunch cooked at Chatharam.

LJ Skin Changed

LJ's default skin has changed. Looks Cool. More details here

Bought a new mobile

I am now a proud owner of a Nokia 3350. It has a lot of functionality. Still exploring. Except for its toyish look, worth the money!

was a boring day. US

was a boring day. US is closed today for labour day. so not much of head banging. finally ended up in this chat with my friend.

anonymous: hi
me: solda venna
anonymous: wat r u doing
me: working
me: i quit wipro and joined honeywell some time back
me: btw, where r u?
anonymous: tanjore
anonymous: i know about ur quitting
anonymous: they showed in sun tv
anonymous: hihihihi
me: vazhiyaradhu inga varaikum kottudhu
me: ?
anonymous: seri public
anonymous: i thought u would have gone to tirupathi
me: edhuku?
me: shan marriage
me: no i am going for the reception
me: where ru?
me: are u coming to namakkal?
anonymous: i said iam in tanjore
anonymous: i wont be coming to namakkal
anonymous: i will instead come to ur marraige
anonymous: tell me about that
anonymous: mamaaaaa
me: mamaaa
me: panniyar ku eppa kalyanam
me: ??
anonymous: mamaaaaa
anonymous: enaku finished
me: eppo
anonymous: i asked about u
anonymous: yesterday
me: dei venna olaradhada
anonymous: yes beleive it or not
me: w?
anonymous: i got married with my wife yesterday
me: pagalaye thanniya potutiya
anonymous: i think u can believe now
me: obviously u will get married with ur wife only
me: u cant get married with someother's wife
anonymous: hiih
me: obviously u will HAVE TO get married with ur wife only
anonymous: ur a the columbus
anonymous: i know about ur brain
anonymous: u found out the catch
anonymous: googd
anonymous: good
anonymous: how u found that iam kidding
me: ????
anonymous: i cant believe this
me: kids just do kidding
anonymous: super
anonymous: public
anonymous: enaku oru velai
anonymous: paru
me: public?
me: apadina
me: dey pannayar.
me: onaku edhukuda vela
me: ??
me: what is this new crap
anonymous: this is not crap or crab
me: are u coming to namakkal
me: why dont u come
me: we can go to cbe from there
anonymous: yeah people tend to believe untrue things but not the truth
me: oh!
me: ok
anonymous: really man
me: yes man
me: really
me: people tend to believe untrue things but not the truth
anonymous: nop i meant the converse
anonymous: right
me: wrong
anonymous: what u mean
me: the opposite of what u mean
anonymous: hey cmaon
me: now what does that mean
anonymous: dont play prank with this developemnt consultant in abap
me: \/\/47
me: balaji switches his bot on
anonymous: hey can i send u one mail to this id
anonymous: hey fool i cant understand the internet slang
me: 600d d4y s1r
me: ia/\/\ b4l4j1's b07
me: h0\/\/ c4n 1 h3lp
me: 1 sp34k l33t
anonymous: !@@!#@#$
me: d0 u und3rs74nd
anonymous: stop this nonsense
anonymous: bloody
me: \/\/47 1s 7h4t
anonymous: or i will whack u
anonymous: i asked about the id to which i can send the mail
me: 0h! d00d
me: 1d
me: \/\/47 1s 7h47
anonymous: dey bloody
me: balaji switches his bot off
anonymous: dopnt play with me
anonymous: who r u
me: hey man
me: what happened
me: i think my bot took control
anonymous: ?????
me: how was that?
anonymous: happened
anonymous: what that
anonymous: bot menas
me: ??
me: what?
anonymous: wat that BOT means
me: yes
anonymous: no
anonymous: not again
me: bot is my automated responder
me: what no?
me: yes
anonymous: *!@!@!@#!@#!@
anonymous: bullshit
me: what?
anonymous: stop that responder
me: i have done that
anonymous: good
me: what?
me: bad
anonymous: hey u r koilpatti
anonymous: or coimbatore balaji
anonymous: be frank
me: what?
me: who are they
me: i am the GOD
me: who are u ?
anonymous: fool
anonymous: i know that ur r from kovai
anonymous: reply me in tandem'
me: kovai?
me: fool?
me: tandem?
me: whats all this?
anonymous: cmon
me: cmon?
me: tell me
me: nan enna saye
me: sollu
anonymous: nee sollu
anonymous: right
anonymous: now tell me
anonymous: who u r
anonymous: r u koilpatti or accused
me: I am the GOD
me: i am above this human race
me: btw, who are u ?
anonymous: no
anonymous: i found out
anonymous: ur the don]
me: what?
anonymous: don to be doomed
me: doom to be donned
anonymous: ok ok
me: ok ok
anonymous: r uthere
me: yes
me: i am always there
anonymous: mammaaaaaa
me: aaaamama
anonymous: hihihihi

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