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Good Bye Wipro

"All but Death, can be Adjusted-
Dynasties repaired-
Systems-settled in their Sockets-

Wastes of Lives-resown with Colors
By Succeeding Springs-
Death-unto itself-Exception-
Is exempt from Change-"

Friday (June 27, 2003) was my last day at Wipro. It has been a great experience working here. My first job as a Systems Administrator. Though I had been using Linux on and off since sometime in 1999, it was at Wipro where i got to work more on HP Unix and specifically Linux. Sometime since August 2001, I have been using a desktop running RedHat Linux. Except for those heavy Microsoft Word documents and a few badly coded web sites, I have been able to manage most of the stuff with my Linux box.

A journey down the memory lane...

New Technologies learned, A short but productive stint at Wipro, My first overseas trip to Finland, The Linux Wipro Mailing list, Lots of new friends, The interactions at TwinCLinG, the Twin Cities Linux Users Group,...

Thank you, Wipro.

Filmy Weekend

Spending this weekend watching movies. Watched The Lord of the Rings - Twin Towers, yesterday morning. Friday was Mani's birthday and he treated us at Pizza Hut, Brigade Road, yesterday night. Watched Kadhal Sadugu (Tamil - Actor Vikram) yesterday night. Was the usual love story and we could guess the complete story in five minutes. Today morning watched Anbe Sivam. A great movie. And i always wanted to watch this film. Will locate and upload the review of this movie written by Sivaram tomorrow.

Am now waiting for Raghu to wander around Jayanagar 4th Block.

Bowling at Amoeba

Yesterday was our self sponsored outing trip. Everyone from out team had been to the Amoeba Bowling Alley at Church street. Me as usual was the last one to arrive (since i was at Electronics City the whole day). By the time i was there, half the team had already left. But what makes me write this here is that it is my highest score(89) in my third attempt at bowling. Two weeks back, when Raki, Vimal and me had been to Star City, it was a horrendous performance. I could just manage 37 points then. I am improving...

Coffee at its best

Next time when you goto Cafe Coffee Day don't miss Devils own.

The Matrix Reloaded

This saturday had been to Urvasi to watch The Matrix Reloaded. Generally I never go to a theater to watch a movie. But, since this movie was the talk of the town and there were talks about nmap being used in the movie to exploit a server, I went. The screen shots of nmap being used are here.

The slow motion and frame freeze during fights, Background Music, Maritial Arts, etc. make the movie more exciting. Trinity driving the motorbike facing oncoming traffic topped it all

Kollywood (the tamil film industry) and its viewers must be happy to see familiar scenes like "Parandhu Parandhu Sanda podradhu" of Rajini fame, "Kambu Sandai" (the pole fight), etc.

A nice movie and a must watch.

Linux and the usual Q's

Met one gentleman who works at a consulting firm at the Venkateswara temple (at JP Nagar, II phase). What started as a simple hi / hello conversation ended up in me explaining about advantages of using Linux. They don't have a local mail server and are using the services provided by an ISP (shit! i forgot the name). The service provider charges are based on per mail sent per mail box and a mail from one user to another user in the same company travels all the way to UK! Amazing. Tried explaining about setting up a mail server running linux locally. His company was thinking of setting up an Exchange server but when i told all that he wants could be done using Linux and could be managed better at a low cost, he was impressed. Next, he told that he was unable to find a competent person to do this. Standard response when there is a talk about linux. I have invited him for this months BLUG meet to see all for himself. Let us hope he turns out.

PS: There wasn't much sleep this weekend. (>12 hours a day :-) ).

irtt id is back

after almost a month, the mail service at irtt.org is working and i have my irtt id back. special thanks to shan. and not a single mail has been lost.

so, u can mail me at balaji at irtt dot org. more later.


Hmm...Been to Chennai this week. Terribly hot. Couldn't venture out. Mostly stayed indoors. Dont understand how those in Chennai manage. Thank God, I am out of Hyderabad and back in Bangalore. That is another hell (can hear Hyderabadis yelling) and with the water crisis, makes it tougher.

PS: Met Violinist A Kanyakumari on the bus and got an autograph.

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