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The easiest way to reach me is via email. Send me an email to 'balaji at balajin dot removeme net'. If you have any questions regarding this site, please email 'webmaster at balajin dot removeme net'. I receive enough mails every day. So, please do not spam me with HTML mails, forwards, chain mails, Nigerian Scams, UCE, etc.

I prefer sending and receiving plain text mails. If you want to communicate securely, please use my PGP Public Key.
Key ID: CCC7AC90
Fingerprint: 6E30 0F53 EE65 EB4A D091 0F79 36B4 5365 CCC7 AC90

I hangout as dumbhead on #linux-india, #nylug, #ubuntu-in on Unless I know you, I don't prefer to be buzzed / pinged on any IM.

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