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So, what have I been doing? Its almost two weeks since i came to Morristown, NJ. Had a nice flight and landed on a rainy day at Newark. Was a hectic week and other than office didn't venture out. Saturday moved to a better hotel, Summerfield Suites and nearer to Office. And the best part of it is that, this Hotel has a broad band connection free!

Went to the local mall on Saturday looking out for a camera. Me and a friend of mine decided to walk back for a mile and would have been run over at a signal. Man, these people here drive too fast and there is no one walking around on the road. You hardly see any people on the road!

On Sunday, had been to New York. Yes, to Manhattan. An amazing place. Will save the story for another entry. For now, i have started to upload pictures. Catch them all here.

USA - April / May 2004

And yes, am off to NYC tomorrow too!

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