Whole of LJ is being flooded with posts of LB/2003. Mine is here albeit a bit late

Day 1:

Reached IISc at 0945 and there was a bee-line till the entrance of the main complex. Joined the queue and it took almost fifteen minutes to reach the entrance of the complex to be told that this queue was for those who had already registered. Joined the new queue, registered and by the time reached the main hall, the inauguration ceremony had already started.

After the inauguration ceremony, attended atulchitnis talk on Lessons learnt from a German Potato Salad. More people were in just to understand what does a Linux conference has to do with a German potato salad.

Talk of the day was from Nat Friedman and Miguel de Icazaon Low-Cost Linux Desktop Deployments. Two young guys, enthusiastic and passionate about what they do, held the crowd spell bound. Particularly Miguel jumping and running around the stage and making funny comments. No wonder kalyan made this comment about Miguel.

Attended thats talk on Volunteering for Geeks. Then back to the crowd pullers talk on Usability and Innovation: The Gnome Desktop. Next was Taj
Skipped the movie Revolution OS and went to office.

Day 2:

First was swatisani talk on A brief introduction to Open source business models. Next was Miguel's talk on The Mono Development Platform . Amazing. He is very energetic, jumping, freaking out. He managed to extend his talk / QA almost until 1230 and everyone was wanting for more. And finally when he came out of the hall, there was a huge crowd surrounding him bombarding him with questions.

Lunch followed by Rasmus Lerdorftalk on Do you PHP? . In the meanwhile, LB/2003 got slashdotted and tariquesani announced it in the hall. He was ecstatic about the set of PHP talks and preaching in front of the God. Rasmus talk was followed by Tarique's talk on ABC of securing PHP code. Skipped Nirav's talk on Smarty - PHP Template Engine for Devdas's talk on Mail hosting solutions. Backup to PHP Guru's talk on Tuning, Benchmarking and Profiling PHP.

Met Sebi and Thangaraju. Introduced Upendera / Mahi to them. Mahi and me then decided to see how the fusion music by Layatharanga was going. Wow! They kept the audience involved and spell bound.

Day 3:

As again was late and attended Kishore Bhargava's talk on Build your own Opensource Firewall. Next was Nirav's talk on Jabber. Nat / Miguel's talk on Rapid Application Development using Mono was amazing. Miguel typed naughty stuff about Nat when he was not seeing and the whole audience enjoyed the bit of entertainment. Demonstrated a few applications (distributed, B2B, highly scalable architecture). Miguel's Migzilla was fun again.

There wasn't much to do in the second half. Either the talks didn't interest me or there was too much of crowd in the halls. Had a meeting at our office at 1700hrs. The meeting got over by 1830 hrs. aivalli told that the Rock show of Phenom hadn't started yet. So i rushed back to IISc. Reaching IISc from Honeywell at Bannerghatta Road in 35 minutes with 16 traffic signals in between is a story by itself. And saw Phenom performing for the first time. These guys rock.

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