was a boring day. US


was a boring day. US is closed today for labour day. so not much of head banging. finally ended up in this chat with my friend.

anonymous: hi
me: solda venna
anonymous: wat r u doing
me: working
me: i quit wipro and joined honeywell some time back
me: btw, where r u?
anonymous: tanjore
anonymous: i know about ur quitting
anonymous: they showed in sun tv
anonymous: hihihihi
me: vazhiyaradhu inga varaikum kottudhu
me: ?
anonymous: seri public
anonymous: i thought u would have gone to tirupathi
me: edhuku?
me: shan marriage
me: no i am going for the reception
me: where ru?
me: are u coming to namakkal?
anonymous: i said iam in tanjore
anonymous: i wont be coming to namakkal
anonymous: i will instead come to ur marraige
anonymous: tell me about that
anonymous: mamaaaaa
me: mamaaa
me: panniyar ku eppa kalyanam
me: ??
anonymous: mamaaaaa
anonymous: enaku finished
me: eppo
anonymous: i asked about u
anonymous: yesterday
me: dei venna olaradhada
anonymous: yes beleive it or not
me: w?
anonymous: i got married with my wife yesterday
me: pagalaye thanniya potutiya
anonymous: i think u can believe now
me: obviously u will get married with ur wife only
me: u cant get married with someother's wife
anonymous: hiih
me: obviously u will HAVE TO get married with ur wife only
anonymous: ur a the columbus
anonymous: i know about ur brain
anonymous: u found out the catch
anonymous: googd
anonymous: good
anonymous: how u found that iam kidding
me: ????
anonymous: i cant believe this
me: kids just do kidding
anonymous: super
anonymous: public
anonymous: enaku oru velai
anonymous: paru
me: public?
me: apadina
me: dey pannayar.
me: onaku edhukuda vela
me: ??
me: what is this new crap
anonymous: this is not crap or crab
me: are u coming to namakkal
me: why dont u come
me: we can go to cbe from there
anonymous: yeah people tend to believe untrue things but not the truth
me: oh!
me: ok
anonymous: really man
me: yes man
me: really
me: people tend to believe untrue things but not the truth
anonymous: nop i meant the converse
anonymous: right
me: wrong
anonymous: what u mean
me: the opposite of what u mean
anonymous: hey cmaon
me: now what does that mean
anonymous: dont play prank with this developemnt consultant in abap
me: \/\/47
me: balaji switches his bot on
anonymous: hey can i send u one mail to this id
anonymous: hey fool i cant understand the internet slang
me: 600d d4y s1r
me: ia/\/\ b4l4j1's b07
me: h0\/\/ c4n 1 h3lp
me: 1 sp34k l33t
anonymous: !@@!#@#$
me: d0 u und3rs74nd
anonymous: stop this nonsense
anonymous: bloody
me: \/\/47 1s 7h4t
anonymous: or i will whack u
anonymous: i asked about the id to which i can send the mail
me: 0h! d00d
me: 1d
me: \/\/47 1s 7h47
anonymous: dey bloody
me: balaji switches his bot off
anonymous: dopnt play with me
anonymous: who r u
me: hey man
me: what happened
me: i think my bot took control
anonymous: ?????
me: how was that?
anonymous: happened
anonymous: what that
anonymous: bot menas
me: ??
me: what?
anonymous: wat that BOT means
me: yes
anonymous: no
anonymous: not again
me: bot is my automated responder
me: what no?
me: yes
anonymous: *!@!@!@#!@#!@
anonymous: bullshit
me: what?
anonymous: stop that responder
me: i have done that
anonymous: good
me: what?
me: bad
anonymous: hey u r koilpatti
anonymous: or coimbatore balaji
anonymous: be frank
me: what?
me: who are they
me: i am the GOD
me: who are u ?
anonymous: fool
anonymous: i know that ur r from kovai
anonymous: reply me in tandem'
me: kovai?
me: fool?
me: tandem?
me: whats all this?
anonymous: cmon
me: cmon?
me: tell me
me: nan enna saye
me: sollu
anonymous: nee sollu
anonymous: right
anonymous: now tell me
anonymous: who u r
anonymous: r u koilpatti or accused
me: I am the GOD
me: i am above this human race
me: btw, who are u ?
anonymous: no
anonymous: i found out
anonymous: ur the don]
me: what?
anonymous: don to be doomed
me: doom to be donned
anonymous: ok ok
me: ok ok
anonymous: r uthere
me: yes
me: i am always there
anonymous: mammaaaaaa
me: aaaamama
anonymous: hihihihi

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