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Met one gentleman who works at a consulting firm at the Venkateswara temple (at JP Nagar, II phase). What started as a simple hi / hello conversation ended up in me explaining about advantages of using Linux. They don't have a local mail server and are using the services provided by an ISP (shit! i forgot the name). The service provider charges are based on per mail sent per mail box and a mail from one user to another user in the same company travels all the way to UK! Amazing. Tried explaining about setting up a mail server running linux locally. His company was thinking of setting up an Exchange server but when i told all that he wants could be done using Linux and could be managed better at a low cost, he was impressed. Next, he told that he was unable to find a competent person to do this. Standard response when there is a talk about linux. I have invited him for this months BLUG meet to see all for himself. Let us hope he turns out.

PS: There wasn't much sleep this weekend. (>12 hours a day :-) ).

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