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I use Yahoo! Calendar to keep track of my calendar events. I sync to it from Lightning/Thunderbird and iCal. And use the iSync plugin to sync it to my phone. I also use mutt over a screen session at times. During such times, this is how I update my events to Yahoo! Calendar.

  • Save the text/calendar attachment from the mail to a file, say cal.ics

  • Determine the UUID of the calendar event. Not the best, but one that works is given beow.

  • perl -n0e 's/(.*?)UID:(.*?)\w+?:(.*)/\2/gms; s/\s+//gms;print ' tmp/ical.ics

  • Yahoo! Calendar supports Caldav. Upload the files to the calendar with the following command.

  • curl -i -k --data-binary '@tmp/ical.ics' -H "Content-Type: text/calendar" -X PUT \<yid>/Calendar/<calendarname>/<uid>.ics \
    -u <yid>:<password>

  • Voila, You are done.

And here is how, I discovered this. Enable debugging in iCal, with these commands and then start iCal from a terminal. You can see the HTTP transactions between iCal and the calendar server.

defaults write IncludeDebugMenu YES
defaults write LogHTTPActivity YES

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