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Since school days learning to swim was a fascination to me but never had the opportunity to learn. I thought I would learn this once I joined college since river Cauvery was nearby. But that too never happened thanks to the sound reprimand I received when my parents discovered about it. The wish remained as one of the top priority bucket list items for a long time. I had tried on and off venturing into the pool but never learnt the nuances.

A couple of months back when I was talking my running coach Beedu, he suggested me to go and learn swimming. The nonchalant yet firm way he talks pushed me into signing up. I signed up with a lot of apprehension and much against the approval of my parents but S pushed for it. With July feeling as if it is peak winter and with the rains, I was not very sure but decided to put my best foot forward.

I finally made it to 19 of the 20 sessions. After completing the course, I am confident that atleast I know the nuances and can swim the breadth of the pool with confidence. Needs practice and I will get to once I am done with KTM.

KTM, here I come.

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