A perfect Sunday Morning

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This is what I call a perfect Sunday Morning.

  • Wake up at 6:15. That is a record.
  • About 30 minutes jog at Cubbon park.
  • Make breakfast.
  • Assist in making custard. Dessert for lunch.
  • Do some cleaning.
  • Amazing two hours of music on KL Radio on Worldspace. Today's special was songs beginning with questions. Some amazing music. Before that was an interview with Kovai Sarala. The songs played were also very good.

Now that beewi is out for a couple of hours, time to catchup on random stuff over the internet and possibly a quick nap. Life like this is good. I'm loving it :-)

PS: Last night while I was driving back from Railway Station, decided to check out the Yahoo! Open Hackday happening at Taj. On the way I saw a McD on Kasturba Raod. Stopped by to get some fries and chatpatta masala. Check it out when you are there next time.

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