Get your voter identification card done today!

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I got my voter identification card done at last. This is the process in gist.

  • Fill out Form 6. Submit at your local CMC / BMP office and get an acknowledgment.
  • Check newspapers when they are publishing electoral rolls. Check that your name is in the electoral roles published by visiting the CMC office where you submitted the form. Use this link to check the status online. However I have had problems finding my name on the list even though it exists in the rolls. This link used to work sometime back but is no longer working.
  • Show up at advertised venue when they call for the issue of photo id cards and get it done.

In short, the time required is about 15 minutes each for the first and the last steps. But you will spend most of the time in following up to see when the rolls are published and when you need to go for the photo session.

Rishi has a more detailed post on the process of submitting the form and the necessary documents. site has more information including FAQs, forms and the schedule for issuing the id card.

Go and get your voter id card done today!

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