December Vacations

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What is so good about December? There is some slack in work and I have 10 days of vacation to take. So here I am, sitting in Coimbatore, watching TV, listening to music, eating home food and most importantly sleeping.

I initially had plans of traveling to either Sri Lanka or somewhere outside but had to give my passport for renewal. Also, food poisoning put me onto bed rest for 3-4 days. So I decided to stay indoors except for a 4 day trip to Sabarimala.

I also watched most of the second and third test matches against Pakistan. If there is someone who has made a comeback in Indian cricket with a bang, it has to be Ganguly. I used to hate him when every other politician for lobbying for him to be included in the team. But he did make it to the team due to the lack of form of some cricketers and he has cemented his place now. I still remember the third test match against England. Rahul Dravid had a good lead and he did not enforce follow on saying his bowlers weren't fit. India started to bat and was soon 11/3. Dravid started his super slow innings taking ages to score 11 runs. While on the other side, Ganguly stroked brilliantly to get a half century. From then on, I have been keenly watching Ganguly. His emotions where very much in control when he got his century in Kolkata and the double century and the 90 odd runs in the Bangalore test that followed. I hope the big guns including Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman have a good series in Australia since this is mostly going to be their last visit there.

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