Jaffer slams a double hunderd


Atlast India seems to be salvaging some pride in the second innings. Jaffer has just a hit a double hundred and Dravid has gone. The lead now is 223. If Yuvraj and Dhoni can show some fireworks and get the lead to 320+ in 20 overs and if they can put in West Indies to bat for about 25 overs and get a few wickets, the game might tilt our way. Too many if's but let us watch and see. Dravid sometimes can get too boring. Yes, he has steadied the Indian innings but 62 runs in 177 balls. Come on guys, the strike rate can get a lot better.

In the England SriLanka series, Murali took eight wickets to level the series 1-1. 104/1, 125/6, 153/9. And a battle by Plunkett and Panesar took the score to 190 all out. SriLanka won by 134 runs.

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