Have you been potholed?

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A stretch of Double Road has been badly damaged (not as badly as Bannerghatta Road) due to the recent rains. They decided to start fixing this on a Monday. On Tuesday when i crossed that stretch, it was half filled but made worse with protruding gravel. Still that stretch is a pain to cross and two wheelers use the foot path :-)

When I was cribbing about this, saw this link on an internal mailing list.

Warning Potholes Ahead

Apart from listing roads with potholes and user experiences in Bangalore, this site also provided some information about potholes, way to fill them and a couple of links to how this is handled in other countries.

Update: On Nov 18, Friday, they had shutdown this stretch on Double Road for some digging and filling. As of Nov 25, this stretch was still unusable, made even further worse by the rain. :-)


Vinay Joshi said:

Bala, I am trying to contact you from last one week. Please send me your e-mail id asap.

Balaji said:


Tried emailing you to your office adderss last week and no response. have sent another mail today.

easiest way is to send me an email at this domain name from your email id and i will respond.

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