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So what does a jobless person do?

Monday: Lunch at Krishna Cafe, Afternoon Nap, Spend the evening catching up with friends at Forum / Dinner

Tuesday: Lunch at Transit - Forum, Transporter - 2 at PVR, Dinner (excellent Podi Dosai) at Krishna Cafe, Die Hard -1 at a friends place.

And yes! I am currently on a two week break before taking up a new job. Unfortunately, certain sudden work has kept me back in Bangalore. Else, i must have been in Coimbatore eating "gar ka khana", sleeping and adding some more fat to my tyre tummy :-(

And Happy Dassera to you folks


Gautham said:

Hi Balaji, h r u ? h r things going on...? where r u now ? which comp did u joind ? oh! lot of questions..? ok then...thts all for now...

Keep in touch.


Hal said:

Heh, better be careful my man lest you be mistaken for a certain former associate with a significantly larger presence. It is, after all, the mind and not the mass that maketh the man.

Cheers! --hal

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