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Ok, Life has been moving along at a rapid pace these days. As always, work sucks and I don't seem to enjoy what I have been doing. Atleast, I have stopped working on weekends and they are mostly spent visiting places, randomly driving around, clicking photos and partying, rarely sleeping :-)

Plays Watched: The God Botherers, A Picasso, and The False Servant. The God Botherers is about a NGO volunteer, Laura who works in a fictitious country called Tambia. Some good comedy, hard facts and a nice story. The best thing I liked about this play was the open ending. Not like the usual movie, where the directory director tries to drive home a point, there was no single conclusion for this play. Heidi Armbruster as Laura was pretty good. After they play, there was a live interview session with an aid worker in Rwanda(?), Africa.

Places Visited: Long Island, and NYC, quite a few times. The Metropolitan Museum

Travel Calendar: Atlanta, GA from 4/10 till 4/16 and Tempe, AZ from 4/24 till 4/29. Any one around this area and want to catch up, let me know. B2B on 5/6.

Photos: Check out my gallery.

My sister is getting married and my parents are moving back to Coimbatore. So its going to be a hectic May and June.

More later.


chaos said:

Hey Balaji, you not working in weekends? Thats a good news ! Try watching "Office space", read about that here:

Balaji said:

did watch Office Space. Good one.

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