Bannerghata Road sucks


The Bannerghata Road stretch till IIM is getting worse day by day. Thanks to the flyover being built at the BTM junction, half the road has disappeared due to the heavy traffic. The other half is full of potholes and driving has become a duanting task. During the day, its heavy traffic that takes almost fifteen minutes to cover a distance of less than one KM. In the night its the speeding Quallis and Sumo (from Accenture / HSBC ?) which sends a chill down your spine. Add to that, the road is being dug on one side.

There was a film shoot last week in one of the local Manhattan's. There was a huge crowd to watch the shoot and make-shift candy / ice-cream parlours popped up creating utter confusion. Yesterday there was a marriage at the Kalyani Kalyana Mandapa and the entire road was jammed.

Somebody told, "This road is being converted into a four lane highway". Prompty my friend responded "By that time, your son will be working here, then!". God only knows when will this mess come to an end. *Sigh*

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