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Me and Pratheepan were having coffee yesterday at a nearby darshini, when we saw a vendor selling drumsticks. Its been a while since I cooked, so we decided to try it out. With some expert advice and assistance from Pratheepan, we managed to cook some yummy drumstick sambar and lady's finger fry.

I have never managed to get lady's finger cooked properly before. The key is to wash it properly, cut it into smaller peieces and let it dry for about 30 minutes. This helps in removing the watery substance that oozes making the vegetable sticky. Then stir fry it in a pan, keeping the flame in simmer.

It took about an hour to cook and we enjoyed a great lunch. Cooking is fun and does not take much time. Being a lazy bum, I would like to doze or loaf around, rather than spend some time in the kitchen. I am in a double mind now thinking if I should cook or eatout while Synaptic is pulling down the latest updates for Dapper.

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