Car mows down three morning walkers, cyclist

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I was getting ready to leave for my morning jog yesterday when I read this shocking news. The third page of The Hindu routinely carries such information. The reason why it worried me was that every day when I run, I see a whole lot of people walking / jogging / running on the road. Many of these folks are more interested in carrying a conversation on the road rather than concentrate on the road. Many times I see folks completely blocking the road or walking in parallel oblivious of the surroundings.

So if you walk or jog on the road here are some tips:

  • If there is a park in your area, please walk there.
  • Always walk / jog on the extreme right of the road facing traffic.
  • If this is a new road that you are running, first for the first couple of days focus on the road and traffic to get an idea.
  • If the foot path is usable, please use it.
  • Keep an eye on the traffic. There is no guarantee that the guy in the car is going to see you
  • It is okay to lose a 30 seconds waiting for the car to pass, rather than risk your life.

And if you are driver, please respect the traffic rules. If a road is marked one way, _it_ _is_ _a_ _one_ _way_. This does not (atleast in Bangalore) change based on time of the day. If you are interested in racing, go to a racing track and not the road. Give space to pedestrians.

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vasumathi said:

Sound Advice.Makes perfect sense, is bangalore reading ?

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