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I am back from a three day trip to Thirunelveli / Kovil Patti. On Saturday and Sunday, I spent most of the time bathing to my hearts content at the various waterfalls in Coutrallam. I have never had so much fun in water. Travelling along with a local friend helped a lot. I also had a chance to visit places like the Papanasam Sivan Temple, Agasthiyar Falls, Kalyana Theertham and some places where the crowd was very less and enjoy some scenic beauty. Also met around 10 collegemates, 4 of them after almost 10 years in a friends marriage at Kovilpatti. It was good to talk about the golden times in college. I have had one heck of a time over the weekend. I am vacationing the rest of this week as well, catching up on sleep and travelling to Chennai tomorrow for another marriage. Also, travelling to Sunnyvale next weekend for an Expo and may be to Mumbai later next month. So more travel around the corner. I cannot ask for more :-)


Mukundhan said:

Balaji , RV Prakash just sent me the URL to Patti's marriage photos . I was checking out the photos along with Anandharaman , we couldnt belive our eyes . enna mama , etho IIT'ian mathiri iruke and RVP konjam poosina mathiri irukan . Looks like lot of IRTT'ans made it to the marriage . By the way , i moved to Dallas recently and meet with Ananthu everyday . ippo engada iruke ?

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