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Spicy ...

Indian food, road side panipuri / chat, idly vada / samabar. ...... here i come....

Sonia, her foreign origin and PM

No this is not yet another remark about Sonia in the race for the PM or backing out due to her inner voice and conscience.

I was discussing this post by Sohnipreet with a friend of mine. The point of discussion was why NRI's were making a hue and cry about Sonia becoming the PM. He had an opinion. Indians who live outside might have faced a lot of hardship / indifference from the local countrymen. When they compare that with a foreigner become the PM of their country, they feel that is unacceptable. The normal illiterate Indian might not be aware of this feeling.

Interesting insight from a person who has lived outside India for close to ten years.

NJ LJ meet?

When Alan told this , couldnt believe it could happen. But... Vaibhav had to meet someone in Parsippany last Sunday and he dropped down to the hotel to meet me. Had a chat discussing work, Linux, LJ, and some unrelated stuff for sometime.

On Saturday, I was hanging around on #linux-india at freenode and bumped into a whole lot of familiar names including Vaibhav.

This world is small.....


I have got FC2. Approx 2.1GB via the torrent took less than 12 hours. I will try to burn it to a CD and if possible install it on my laptop tongiht. Kewl!

And the power of broadband is amazing.

I hate

cleaning somebody else's shit. But end up doing it most of the time!

Fscking Spammer

There is one fscking spammer with ( from various ip's including (, spamming my site. Banning the IP is of no use since he seems to come from different ip.
Am not sure if its worth the trouble of setting up a spam filter. Bloody irritating!

Novell Connector under GPL

Did anyone notice this? Or is it old news. I just read this.

[snipped from the Ximian Connector Home page]
Effective immediately, Evolution Connector for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003 (formerly Ximian Connector) is available under a free, open source license. Users no longer need a license file to run the software, and source code has been made public at under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

More Here.

Hmmm.... Let me check it out.

Here is the press release.



Some of the pics are here. Comments please!





Its kind of weird with the weather here. It was sunny in the morning yesterday, scorching at noon. And at night it started to rain with lightning. Last week, it was a pleasant evening when we decided to stroll on the Brooklyn bridge. But slowly the temperature started to drip down. It went down to around 10 degrees (celsius) and the windchill was killing us. On a single day, such a subtle variation!

Countries that i have visited


Bombay Dreams

Was browsing through rediff, when i read this article about "Farah Khan gets Tony nomination". Bombay dreams is playing currently in Broadway and yesterday when we were roaming around Newyork, we found the theatre where it was running. There were clippings being played featuring ARR, Farah Khan, Webber, Shekar Kapur. Do you know what are the tickets for the show? It ranges from $91 to $110. On Wednesdays, there is a show for $45.

Simply Superb!

Back from NYC

Am damn tired roaming around the streets of Manhattan over the past two days. Need to get some good sleep, ahead of some tough schedules (when does this change) this week.

Good night!

Power of Broad Band

Hmmm.... In the last three hours, listening to songs on Y! Launchcast radio and working (!), my connection stats shows this.

Bytes in: 4898075
Bytes out: 8393701
Frames in: 81480
Frames out: 70852

Compare this with the 500MB cap I have at home with DIAS. :-(

Whats up?

So, what have I been doing? Its almost two weeks since i came to Morristown, NJ. Had a nice flight and landed on a rainy day at Newark. Was a hectic week and other than office didn't venture out. Saturday moved to a better hotel, Summerfield Suites and nearer to Office. And the best part of it is that, this Hotel has a broad band connection free!

Went to the local mall on Saturday looking out for a camera. Me and a friend of mine decided to walk back for a mile and would have been run over at a signal. Man, these people here drive too fast and there is no one walking around on the road. You hardly see any people on the road!

On Sunday, had been to New York. Yes, to Manhattan. An amazing place. Will save the story for another entry. For now, i have started to upload pictures. Catch them all here.

USA - April / May 2004

And yes, am off to NYC tomorrow too!

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