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A quick Update

My Website is up. Currently it points to my journal on LJ. balaji. More updates later. Please book mark www.balajin.net and drop in when you have time.

Blug Meet

It was the Blug meet today. The theme was Real Time Linux. As usual reached there only by 1915 hrs. There was a whopping crowd of 175. Surjo told that this was one of the all time highest. I wanted to see ROAMER in action. Mrinal and his mates gave a demo of ROAMER. Fantastic stuff built with materials available in Sunday Market except for the Sound senor!

Grabbed a good(!?*) dinner and back.

PS: The BLUG meet clashes with the Fun Friday we have in our office. Fun Friday is on the last Friday of every month and BLUG on the fourth Friday of every month. What to do?

System Administrator Appreciation Day

Tomorrow, July 25, is System Administrator Appreciation Day - A special day, once a year, to acknowledge the worthiness and appreciation of the person occupying the role, especially as it is often this person who really keeps the wheels of your company turning.

Fellow Sysadmins. Its your day tomorrow. Enjoy and Have Fun. And don’t plan for any shutdown tomorrow and eventually screw up your weekend :-)


Just registered balajin.net. It shows up in the whois of Melbourne IT who are the partners of net4domains. So, its some time before the DNS gets propagates, I guess.

Now the second phase starts. To look for hosting space. At this moment, EnvisionT Information Services looks dirt-cheap. May be will go with this to start with and look for alternates.

Any recommendations?

And then starts the most difficult part. Content.

"Content is the King. Bandwidth is the queen".

Merijn put up a page

Merijn put up a page consolidating all the peronal quotes which appear on every users profile on the itrc forum. Check it out here

After reading this, this made me laugh even more.

Failure is not an option, it comes standard with all Microsoft products.

Working at Night

Have worked most part of this week in the night shifts from 1800hrs to 0600hrs. Though its cool working in the night without disturbance, sound music and at your pace, the article today in Economic times about night shifts has scared me a bit. Also there is the phone calls in the day, a marketing guy stopping by to sell his junk, my flat neighbor doing some masonry work which disturbs your sleep in the day. Need to strike a balance if this is going to continue. And for now good night (good morning to you all) for me.

Thanks to Vinay, who has

Thanks to Vinay, who has lent me his mobile for some time, I am back connected. Got the same number from Hutch back. Can use his mobile for atleast a month until he settles down.

Long Live the King

The rock and roll at the ITRC forums continues. After making to the top five on the Linux forum and the Linux Wizardry, I have been promoted to Royal Court. And here is the congrats thread for my Crowning Ceremony.

Hail the King!


Got to check out YoSucker today. Worked out of the box with no hassles on a Windows 2000 box running Cygwin. Kewl

I am a Linux Wizard

In continuation with my self proclamation, I have now moved into the (H)ogwarts (P)alace of Linux. Here is my profile and here is the congrats thread

Dull Day

Still haven’t recovered from my mobile loss yesterday. Got up only at 1300hrs. Had a stomach full of aloo parathas and some chapathis at Tasty Bites. Tried ringing up my mobile number and it always says "Switched Off". Need to buy a new one and as usual am stuck for cash. :-(

PS: If you live around Jayanagar or JP Nagar area, don’t forget to check out Tasty Bites next to Shanthi Sagar. A fantastic eat out for simple north Indian food.

Just registered with BlogShares

Listed on BlogShares

Lost my mobile

On the way from my office to home, my mobile fell down. It is raining slightly. I tried walking all the way but couldn't locate it. It was ringing sometime back but now says "Switched off". Someone is lucky and me!@#$%. A bad evening.

This is more of a proclamation.

The ITRC forums of HP is one place where I get to learn a lot on HP Unix. An interactive forum where there are no RTFM'sor STFW and the forumers take enough time and patience to explain. No, I don't mean to hurt others, but this is one place where I love to hang around.

<shameless plug>
I made it to the top five Linux users some time back. See this thread for some more info

</shameless plug>

Going to Chennai...

Charan's Marriage is on Sunday. Shan, Sriram and me are traveling to Chennai. Last week I tried for the train tickets but it was fully booked. Just now Sriram called up to say that buses are also full. What to do? Walk down to Majestic tomorrow and try out our luck!

Featureprice.com which hosts the irtt.org mail server is down again. This company has been bought by Atlantic.net sometime back. But today there is a message which says that all features hosted by Feature price are currently down. The options are to migrate to plans offered by Atlantic.net or host the site elsewhere. And that there is know guarantee given by Atlantic when the site will be up. Is this is a marketing gimmick by Atlantic to force all subscribers to their hosting plans? Below is an extract from their web page.

If you are on a Platinum or Premium Plan:
We will honor the remainder of your prepaid service if you remain with Feature Price or if you switch to one of Atlantic.Nets web hosting plans. Please click here to view and signup for one of Atlantic.Net's Web hosting plans.

If you are on a Mini or Budget Plan:
We will honor your prepaid service through August 1, 2003 if you remain with Feature Price or if you switch to one of Atlantic.Net's web hosting plans. You will need to start paying for your hosting account after August 1st 2003 you will not be charged for July if you switch now. Please click here to view and signup for one of Atlantic.Net's Web hosting plans.

Luckily, we are in the Platinum plan and the subscription is valid till September. Even, if we need to move the hosting to some other ISP, we still don't have control over the domain. Awaiting information from Shan for further course of action.

Which Matrix Reloaded person are you?

At Honeywell

Have joined Honeywell yesterday. And on to work from the first day. More later.

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