February 22, 2004

India - Pakistan Series

Its final now. The itinerary is out. India will play five one-dayers and three tests between March 10 and April 18. This will be one of the most watched test series, thanks to the political imbroglio between India and Pakistan. India relies a lot on its batting prowess and Pakistan has a great bowling line up. Also there is lots of interest generated due to the fact that these teams are playing in Pakistan after a long time(13 years?). TV Broadcasting rights has been sold out.

As Pratyush points out, it shouldn't matter who wins. It should be taken as a confidence / peace building measure. Though i have my doubts, I wish both the team all success and hope to the enjoy this toughly contested series.

Ref: Indian cricket team to head for Pakistan on March 10

Posted by Balaji at February 22, 2004 05:40 PM

Re: India - Pakistan Series

I'm excited about this series too! I know it seems crazy that an American watches cricket, but since I've been in Bangalore for about five months now, I've developed an interest in the sport (although I don't always follow the rules). So you've got to tell me this one thing: Are there any sports bars in Bangalore where the locals go to watch the games? I'd love to experience the energy of a gathering like that!

Posted by: John Grillo on March 8, 2004 04:04 PM | Reply to this