January 25, 2004

Indian batting rocks!

Very Very Special (VVS) Laxman is on a rock and roll at this moment. Three centuries in the VB Series to add to his two in the Border - Gavaskar test series has showed his excellent form in Australia. Was in office the whole of Friday night and thought will go to sleep after India were 4/3. But the way, Dravid and Laxman played kept me on. The way these guys were playing, seemed that there was no chance they will get out, till Dravid mis-timed that hit to Blignaut. Walked in Gavaskar and he showed great temperament rotating the strike and got his maiden half century. Laxman stayed till the end to get his third century. Couldn't stay awake and slept at the end of the Indian innings.

Its amazing how times change. Laxman was dropped out of the one day squad and was considered a test only player. He was in the same state as Rahul Dravid a few years back. I guess Laxman will become a permanent fixture of the one day squad. May be he needs to add a few big shots to his kitty now. What is going to happen when Kaif comes back?

Rohan Gavaskar is doing good at this moment but I am worried about the number of faces watching him, thanks to Sunny. He is doing good and everyone is praising him but a few bad innings and the pressure is going to be on him (and on Sunny too....). He is going to bat at number 6 or 7 and will have to play a role similar to what Robin Singh used to do. I wish he emulates Michael Bevan.

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